Services we offer 

This film protects your car from any paint chips or scratches. We have all the expertise and tools to do this right here at Jones Coach. Click learn more to see examples of how it works.

SunTek Protectant Film


We are proud to have this new product/service for our customers. We believe it will save money in the long run and help keep a beautiful funeral car for years to come. Please go checkout more information on this product/service.

Jones Coach offers in house detailing with premium materials to make your vehicle shine.


Jones Coach has new tire equipment and can change, balance, and rotate tires. 

Everything With Tires

After many years in the funeral car industry we have become experts at specialized servicing for funeral car vehicles.


Paint Reconditioning

Does your car's paint look old and tired? Jones Coach offers different paint reconditioning services that can make it look new again.

Loaner Vehicles

If your vehicle is in the shop or you just have too many funerals to keep up with we would be happy to give you a loaner vehicle.

Factory Tours

Interested in a new 2019 vehicle and/or would like to know how and where your vehicles are made?  Contact us about a factory tour.

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